Poppies, sweet peas and anemones are fun, delicate leggy flowers.  I use all of them when I am almost finished designing an arrangement and want to add negative space and airiness to the design.  Placing a few of each of these will give an arrangement the garden style that is so beautiful.  Poppies are usually available in Spring and Summer.  They usually arrive in pods and within a few days will bloom into a 2-3 inch delicate, wirey, stemmed beauty.  Sweet peas are a small, delicate, inconspicuous flowers.  They come in pinks, whites, lilacs and similar shades and are available mostly in the spring and summer. 



Alway a showstopper, the peony is usually a focal point for my designs.  In the arrangement above, I used peonies to add depth, tucking one peony in deep and another peeking out. 



Spray roses are some of the most useful flowers to adding fullness and depth to an arrangement.



Herbs are the epitome of any garden style arrangement.  I use fresh mint, rosemary, flowering oregano and lavender depending on availability and the specific design.  Mint is one of my all time favorites.  It's affordable, hardy and so fragrant.  As a play on the "deconstructed arrangement," I love to accent an arrangement with a few mini potted herbs.  Throw in a few bud vases with single stems of your design ingredients and you've got a beautiful tablescape!



Garden Roses (not to be confused with standard rose) are some of the most beloved and romantic flowers.   One of the visual differences in the garden rose is the dense and sometimes ruffled petals.  Garden Roses are hardy, fragrant and also a great stand-in when peonies are not in season as they are available year round.   




My one of my top five favorite flowers!  They are available in many colors and useful in arrangements, as a single stem in a bud vase and my go to for personal flowers in weddings.  They are usually one of the flowers I use to add height and airiness to my designs.